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The primary goal of recruitment is to fill job vacancies. These vacancies might be (too) challenging, the number of them might be too high and of course there is, as always, too little time. Because of all these reasons, recruitment quality standards are often not met during the process.

You are only focused on fulfilling those vacancies so that perhaps you look less critically at your own services, your own process. Because of this you almost certainly miss chances to improve. Which is a shame because there is so much to gain by doing this exercise. We understand that you cannot always make time for this yourself, or you perhaps lack the experience or knowledge. That is precisely why Master Next Talent are here to support you on that subject.

Master Next Talent is a new name for a well-known recruitment service provider. With almost 2 decades of recruitment experience, Master Next Talent is your talent specialist in the field of all the contemporary challenges that hiring permanent or flexible talent for your organization / department / team brings. It is our mission to provide our clients with the best talent and vice versa; to connect talent with the best employers.

We do this by filling permanent vacancies through executive search or recruitment and selection and temporary vacancies through secondment or interim. All done by our team of recruitment consultants; each with their own specialization. And if other recruitment issues exist within an organization, or there is a need for temporary (extra) recruitment capacity, one of our corporate recruiters can be deployed. This can be done remotely or on location.

We help you in every step of the way, but will never lose sight of the initial goal, the most successful and sustainable match. Because with the right talent on board at the right time, we are convinced that all companies can grow. From our office on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven (NL) we help organizations of all sizes and from every industry. We are also experienced in the fields of Employment mediation, High Tech, HRM, Technology and ICT.

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